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Privacy & cookies policy

Privacy Policy

Vair Spa, with its legal headquarters in via Properzio, 4 – 00187, Rome Italy – provider of the services and activities available in the web site, may use the personal data, voluntarily provided by the User, as per the laws in force: Article 13 of Italian Law 196/2003. Users are invited to visit this page periodically, for information according to updated laws and regulations. Vair Spa specifies that, while the use of personal data is necessary to execute the required services, Users are assured that the use of such data will not be used for profiling research, but solely to facilitate site management and the execution of orders. Personal data, voluntarily provided by the User, will not be communicated nor sold to a third party. All necessary information required in order for credit card payments and transactions to be processed (credit/debit card number, expiry date, security code) will be sent to our bank (specifically Banca Sella) and fraud-monitoring team for authentification, via encrypted protocol, without any third party interference. This information will never be seen or stored for any purpose by Vair Spa. The security measures on our site are intended to help reduce the risk of unauthorized access or dispersion of data that may cause any personal risk to the security of our clients. For this reason, we suggest that site users ensure the computer that they are using has up-to-date security software and is connected to the internet through a reputable and trusted service provider. Vair Spa has implemented security measures to protect the users and their data entered. Despite their efforts, Vair Spa cannot guarantee that these security measures will limit and exclude any and all risks of unauthorized access to this information. For this reason, we advise our users to always navigate on the Gente Roma site from a secure computer source with updated software that allows ample protection of sensitive data (antivirus software) and that the Internet provider itself possesses safety requirements for the secure transmission of such data over the Internet. Vair Spa informs its Users are protected by Article 7 of the Italian Law n. 196/2003. Users can reserve the right to request the following information from Vair Spa:

1. the confirmation of the existence of personal data relative to the User

2. the clear communication of the data together with their source

3. the motives and the finality of their use

The request for the above information can be renewed with an interval of ninety days, except for the existence of justified motivations; the cancellation, the modification in anonymous format of all of the data in case of violation of laws, together with the data which is not used for the aims for which they were collected.

Cookie policy

Cookie use and objectives The website installs cookies in order to make available or improve the features provided and the users’ navigation. It is possible to block some or all cookies or to delete the cookies installed on the computer. However, these actions may cause the loss of some features. For this purpose users have to modify privacy settings of their browser.

Below is the list of the cookies used by

• HEVELOP_COOKIELAW: it maintains information about the acceptance of the cookie policy

• CART: this is the association with customers’ shopping cart

• CATEGORY_INFO: it stores the category information on the page, in order to display pages more quickly

• COMPARE: the items that customers have in the Compare Products list

• CURRENCY: customers’ preferred currency

• CUSTOMER: it is an encrypted version of the customer’s ID in the store

• CUSTOMER_AUTH: an indicator that specifies if customers are currently logged into the store

• CUSTOMER_INFO: an encrypted version of the customer group clients belong to

• EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE: a flag that shows whether caching is disabled or not

• FRONTEND: customer’s session ID on the server

• GUEST-VIEW: allows guests to modify their orders

• LAST_CATEGORY: the last category customers visited

• LAST_PRODUCT: the most recent product viewed by customers

• NO_CACHE: it shows whether it is allowed to use cache

• PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART: a link to information on customers’ shopping cart and the site viewing history

• POLL: the ID of any possible polls customers have recently voted on

• POLLN: information on what polls customers have voted on

• RECENTLYCOMPARED: the items which customers have recently compared

• STF: information on items that customers have emailed to friends

• STORE: the store view or the language that customers have selected

• WISHLIST: an encrypted list of items added to customers’ Wishlist

• WISHLIST_CNT: the number of items in customers’ Wishlist 

Third party cookies


It is used for the integration of a chat that provides support to the customer.

For further information and to know how to disable cookies, customers can refer to the official documentation.

• __zclmid Google Analytics It is used to maintain information about users’ navigation mode in an anonymous form. For further information about the use of cookies by Google Analytics and by Google and how users can disable them, it is possible to refer to the official documentation. • _ga e _gat;

• __utma: it allows to specify the number of times users have visited

• __utmb: it allows to define the duration of users’ visit within the site

• __utmc: it allows to define the duration of users’ visit within the site. It expires at the end of the session

• __utmz: it defines where the users came from

• __utmt: it allows to define the type of request


Furthermore, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ can use cookies to share contents on the social networks or to produce statistics of access.

The presence, the number and the status of these cookies may depend on the users’ way to use the above-mentioned social networks.

For this purpose, users should refer to the cookie policies of the social networks on the respective websites.

How to disable cookies by browser configuration


1. Click on the menu in the browser toolbar, next to the URL bar

2. Select Settings

3. Click Show advanced settings

4. In the Privacy section, select Contents Settings

5. In the Cookie section, the following cookie settings can be modified in order to:

• Allow the data storage locally

• Modify local data only until users quit the browser

• Avoid that sites set up cookies

• Block third parties cookies and other sites data

• Manage the exceptions for some websites

• Delete one or all cookies

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the menu in the browser toolbar, next to the URL bar

2. Select Options

3. Select Privacy panel

4. Click on Show Advanced Settings

5. In the section Privacy, click on Content Settings

6. In the section Tracking the following cookie settings can be modified in order to:

• Require the sites not to track users

• Accept to be tracked by websites

• Do not communicate any preference about personal information tracking

7. In the section History it is possible to:

• Accept third party cookies (Always, From visited or Never) and to keep them for a specific period of time (until they expire, until I close Firefox, ask me every time) choosing Use custom settings for history

• Delete every single cookie stored

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.

Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools button, and then select Internet Options.

2. Click the Privacy tab. In the Setting section it is possible to:

• Block all cookies

• Allow all cookies

1. Block or allow cookies from specific sites: users have to move the slider to a position between the top and bottom so they are not blocking or allowing all cookies. Click Sites, and in the Address of website box, type a website address, and then select Block or Allow

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.


1. Open Safari, select Preferences and then click Privacy

2. Select an option in the Block cookies and other website data section

3. To view which sites have stored the cookies, click Details

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.

Safari on mobile devices

1. Select Settings, and then Safari

2. Tap Block Cookies and choose one of the following options:

• In iOS 8 or later: Always Block, Allow from Current Websites Only, Allow from Websites I Visit, or Always Allow

• In iOS 7 or earlier: Never, From third parties and advertisers, or Always

3. To delete all the cookies stored by Safari:

• In iOS 8 or later, select Settings , then Safari and tap Clear History and Website Data

• In iOS 7 or earlier, select Settings , then click Safari and tap Clear Cookies and Data

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.


1. Select Settings, then Preferences. Click the option Advanced and select Cookies.

2. Select one of the following options:

• Accept

• Accept only from the sites I visit: third party cookies and cookies sent by websites different from the one currently visited will be refused

• Never accept cookies: all cookies will never not be stored

For further information, please visit the relevant browser website.

How to disable third party service cookies

• Google services

• Facebook

• Twitter

This page can be viewed clicking the link at the bottom of each page of the Website pursuant to Article 122 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and following the simplified methods for the statement and acquisition of consent to the use of cookies published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale n° 126 of 3 June 2014 and relevant register of actions n° 229 of 8 May 2014.