Acchitto is an Italian fashion jewelry brand, inspired by the roaring ’80s and old 20’s glamour, founded in 2018 by Elena Faccio and Francesca Richiardi, who met in the Fendi style office. Two designers who have grown together in the creative field aiming at creating a refined and recognizable product. Acchitto jewels are the mirror of an eclectic and refined style, changing the rules of traditional jewelry mixing with the fashion accessory in product customization: wearable art. Acchitto is, in fact, the possibility of wearing jewelry in a different and new way, which adapts to the style of each one: thanks to patented mechanisms, the products are interchangeable with each other. The iconic Moors can be disassembled and reassembled among the various pieces in the collection, creating a jewel that is always personalized,unique and collectible. Acchitto jewels do not necessarily address a particular female figure, but anyone who wants to wear them. Acchitto pieces can be worn for any day, with each piece that can transform a casual outfit into one suitable for evenings. You can wear them with a pair of jeans and flat shoes or with a sequined party dress: they work for any occasion.

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