Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a French fashion House, founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Both masculine and feminine, oftentimes fusing the two genders, the House takes a cerebral approach to deconstructing, reinventing and redefining men’s and womenswear silhouettes. Since 2012, Maison Margiela has held the official ‘Haute Couture’ appellation from the Féderation Française de la Couture for its collection entitled ‘Artisanal’. In 2014, British couturier John Galliano was appointed as the House’s Creative Director. Margiela’s uncompromising approach to its iconoclast heritage is cast through Galliano’s poetic vision of Haute Couture, marrying conceptualism with artistry, mystery with modern elegance. The key pieces of the latest collections are the Fusion and Replica sneakers, the iconic Tabi shoes, and the leather accessories.

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  1. Black Tabi loafer shoes Black Tabi loafer shoes
    New in
    Maison Margiela Black Tabi loafer shoes
  2. Gold engraved silver logo ring Gold engraved silver logo ring
    New in
  3. Patterned intarsia knit top Patterned intarsia knit top
    New in
    Maison Margiela Patterned intarsia knit top
  4. Numbers bracelet Numbers bracelet
    Maison Margiela Numbers bracelet
  5. Tabi sliders Tabi sliders
    Maison Margiela Tabi sliders
  6. Evolution sneakers Evolution sneakers
    Maison Margiela Evolution sneakers
  7. Distorted logo T-shirt Distorted logo T-shirt
    Maison Margiela Distorted logo T-shirt
  8. Tabi low top sneakers Tabi low top sneakers
    Maison Margiela Tabi low top sneakers
  9. Tweed trousers Tweed trousers
    Maison Margiela Tweed trousers
  10. Logo embroidered T-shirt Logo embroidered T-shirt
    Maison Margiela Logo embroidered T-shirt
  11. Calfskin Replica sneakers Calfskin Replica sneakers
    Maison Margiela Calfskin Replica sneakers
  12. Calfskin Replica sneakers Calfskin Replica sneakers
    Maison Margiela Calfskin Replica sneakers
  13. Notched-lapel leather jacket Notched-lapel leather jacket
    Maison Margiela Notched-lapel leather jacket
  14. Destroyed denim jacket Destroyed denim jacket
    Maison Margiela Destroyed denim jacket
  15. Chain-link ring Chain-link ring
    Maison Margiela Chain-link ring
  16. Logo motif ring Logo motif ring
    Maison Margiela Logo motif ring
  17. Skinny tailored trousers Skinny tailored trousers
    Maison Margiela Skinny tailored trousers
    Regular Price $526 -40% Special Price $263
  18. Recycled padded jacket Recycled padded jacket
    Maison Margiela Recycled padded jacket
    Regular Price $879 -40% Special Price $440
  19. Cotton basic T-shirt Cotton basic T-shirt
    Maison Margiela Cotton basic T-shirt
    Regular Price $152 -40% Special Price $76
  20. Jersey T-shirt Jersey T-shirt
    Maison Margiela Jersey T-shirt
    Regular Price $152 -40% Special Price $76
  21. Pixel polka dots shirt Pixel polka dots shirt
    Maison Margiela Pixel polka dots shirt
    Regular Price $556 -40% Special Price $278