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Moncler Genius: eight creative minds united for a unique hub

The world of fashion is always evolving and the Maison Moncler, with the new big project by Remo Ruffini, has managed to perfectly interpret contemporary needs.

The president and CEO of the legendary feather down jackets launches Moncler Genius Hub, after the end of the long collaboration with Thom Browne for men and Giambattista Valli for women's collections.

Moncler Genius combines eight creative minds, each of which will work with their individuality and style, but which together will give life to the new identity of Moncler.

Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli (Moncler), Karl Templer (Moncler 1952), Sandro Mandrino (Moncler Grenoble), Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya (Moncler Noir), Hiroshi Fujiwara (Moncler Fragment), Francesco Ragazzi (Moncler Palm Angels): the chosen ones are designers of various backgrounds and different experiences. Each character will take care of a specific line of the brand and the collections will be presented monthly.

This unique hub will be presented as a whole on the evening of  20th February and will open the Milan Fashion Week with a co-ed catwalk for Fall-Winter 2018/2019.

Collections will be released once a month with individual and dedicated launch events, with variable appointments as required by the new digital and social culture, and linked to Instagram. In September, the Spring/Summer collection will be presented during the Fashion Week with a reunion of the creatives. The goal of this visionary project is to go beyond the seasons, short to the times, relying on great creative talents.

Moncler Genius Building is a project that overcomes the temporality of the seasons, hosting different areas.

Italiana: the exhibition that shows Italy through fashion

For the 60 years of Camera della Moda, the city of Milan is preparing to celebrate this important anniversary with the opening of the exhibition "Italiana. Italy seen through fashion 1971-2001 ".

The exhibition will be held at Palazzo Reale from February 22nd to May 6th, and will show our Country through the progressive affirmation of the Italian fashion system and the revival of the crucial years of the Made in Italy. Indeed, the year 1971 marks the definitive caesura with Alta Moda and the birth of the idea of democratic luxury that will lead to the explosion of prêt-à-porter.

The exhibition is located at the main floor of the building and includes 120 dresses, a selection of design objects as well as of contemporary art, photographs and magazines, accurately chosen to tell thirty years of Italian fashion made of creative relationships and exchanges among designers, artists, architects and intellectuals.

It is not a chronological but a thematic exhibition and the different  themes are displayed in different rooms according to a critical interpretation aiming to illustrate the dialogue between the fashion system and the Italian society. It is a project then characterized by an artistic, but also historical and political nature. From 1971, the triumphant year of the Italian prêt-à-porter, the fashion show will move to the stylism of the eighties to arrive at the glocal of the nineties. Finally, the 2001 is presented, the so-called year of terrorism,  when the whole worldly  system is questioned, including fashion, which reviews its standards.

The exhibition wants to pay tribute to the strength of a system that has seen fashion designers, industries and cities big players, all united to create a considerable economic and cultural wealth for the whole Country.

AltaRoma comes back, among historical Haute Couture Maisons and emerging Fashion Designers

The Eternal City is ready to host the new edition of AltaRoma, the glamorous event will be on from 25th to 28th January 2018 and will be the exclusive stage where the new Fall-Winter 2018/2019 Couture collections will be shown.

This year the scheduled events will take place in three of the most representative artistic locations of Rome: the Guido Reni District, the MAXXI-National Museum of the XXI Century Arts and La Galleria Nazionale.

AltaRoma continues its mission of scouting and promoting not only emerging talents but also the authentic values ​​of our Made in Italy. Indeed, this is the true meaning of the new "Showcase" project, which will see alternating, at the MAXXI museum  during the four days of the calendar, forty young designers who will have the opportunity to present their collections and illustrate their projects to Italian and international buyers and insiders.

AltaRoma 2018, like in previous editions, will be divided into three sections: Fashion Hub, dedicated to the scouting; Atelier, dedicated to the Haute Couture Maisons, Haute Couture, High Crafting and emerging designers; In Town, dedicated to initiatives and activities related to the world of fashion such as exhibitions,  events, openings, fashion shows and city-parties for the promotion of fashion.

The Roman kermesse will be opened by the young Couturier Filippo Laterza, born in 1995, who will present the "Opera Orientale" fashion show, a Spring / Summer 18 Haute Couture collection. On the catwalks, there will also be presented the collections of two of the most important  couturier of the capital: Gattinoni (at the Planetarium in the Baths of Diocletian) and Renato Balestra (at Palazzo Brancaccio). In addition, the high fashion collections by Camillo Bona, Nino Lettieri and Sabrina Persechino will show off.

On January 27th, at the Auditorium of the MAXXI Museum, Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Maison Dior, will hold a conversation at the "Roman's Romance", with the partecipation of Barbara Modesti, Paola Ugolini and Cristiana Collu, director of La Galleria Nazionale.

Rome will therefore be the protagonist of talks, exhibitions and even a guide 'Roma Maxima' (The Guides of La Repubblica), which aims at discovering, in an innovative key, some of the hidden gems of the Eternal City, among historical laboratories and new studios.

Finally, the prestigious event will end with a great "return", the tribute to Francesco Scognamiglio, who celebrates the 20th anniversary of his fashion Maison with a journey into fashion from 1998-2018: a story, written by iconic dresses and his new Couture collection, which will be on the catwalks of the National Gallery Halls on Sunday, January 28th.

Turin exhibits Gianfranco Ferrè's jewels shining under a new light

For the first time in Turin, the suggestive baroque halls of Palazzo Madama hosts Gianfranco Ferré‘s exhibition “Under Another Light: Jewels and Ornaments”.

"Under Another Light" is titled because Ferré is famous for his iconic clothes with architectural structures, the white shirts, the sculpture dresses created for Dior, but not for his jewels and ornaments, for him a great passion inextricably connected to his fashion collections.

Over two hundred jewels, created for his fashion shows from 1980 to 2007, tracing the entire creative career of the famous Italian designer.

Shiny stones, enamelled metals, polished shells, painted woods, Murano glass, ceramics retro and Swarovski crystals: a series of necklaces, bracelets, brooches are displayed not only as a complement  and accessory of the dress but they invent and build it, becoming substance and soul.

According to Gianfranco Ferrè, the jewel dresses and decorates the human body and is linked to its physicality as it were part of it.

The exhibition offers to the public the vision of a specific aspect of Gianfranco Ferré’s creativity and design and his special attention to the form and to the subject and in terms of inspiration, reaching almost ever innovative and surprising results.

The exhibition project - ideated by architect Franco Raggi - plays upon the contrast between the Hall of the Senate of Palazzo Madama, a place of immense architectural value, and the simple minimalist structures in iron and glass of the exhibition set-ups, thus highlighting the imaginative beauty of the jewels designed by Ferré, which seem to soar in the semi-darkness.

Presented in Milan at the headquarters of the Ferré Foundation - which organizes and produces everything together with the Fondazione Torino Musei - the exhibition will be itinerant and in Turin, world preview, until February 19, 2018.

17-20 of 61