Jewellery is a women's best friend, accentuating her best features with a touch of glamour. Our curated selection of top designer necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pins and brooches and more can be combined with an elegant gown or used to primp up a jeans-and-T-shirt look.

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  1. Gold Le bracelet Chiquita Gold Le bracelet Chiquita
    New in
  2. Gold Le Chiquito necklace Gold Le Chiquito necklace
    New in
  3. Silver Skull earrings Silver Skull earrings
    Alexander Mcqueen Silver Skull earrings
  4. Black Roman Stud bracelet Black Roman Stud bracelet
    Valentino Garavani Black Roman Stud bracelet
  5. Gold Rockstud bracelet Gold Rockstud bracelet
    Valentino Garavani Gold Rockstud bracelet
  6. Black Opyum bracelet in leather Black Opyum bracelet in leather
  7. White Opyum bracelet in leather White Opyum bracelet in leather
  8. Red Opyum bracelet in leather Red Opyum bracelet in leather
  9. Jacquine peridot ring Jacquine peridot ring
    Giulia Dominici Jacquine peridot ring
  10. Dany ring Dany ring
    Giulia Dominici Dany ring
  11. Anello Allison Anello Allison
    Giulia Dominici Anello Allison
  12. Jacquine Palmera ring Jacquine Palmera ring
    Giulia Dominici Jacquine Palmera ring
  13. Orange Amber ring Orange Amber ring
    Giulia Dominici Orange Amber ring
  14. Blue Amber ring Blue Amber ring
    Giulia Dominici Blue Amber ring
  15. Topaz Agate Ring Topaz Agate Ring
    Giulia Dominici Topaz Agate Ring
  16. Agata ring in bronze Agata ring in bronze
    Giulia Dominici Agata ring in bronze
  17. Pink skull spiral bracelet Pink skull spiral bracelet
    Alexander Mcqueen Pink skull spiral bracelet
  18. Lilac beaded bracelet Lilac beaded bracelet
    Alexander Mcqueen Lilac beaded bracelet
  19. Gold-tone pearl necklace Gold-tone pearl necklace
    Alexander Mcqueen Gold-tone pearl necklace
  20. Gold Pearl-like Skull Ring Gold Pearl-like Skull Ring
    Alexander Mcqueen Gold Pearl-like Skull Ring