Palm Angels

Celebrating American culture with a different perspective, Moncler art director Francesco Ragazzi, initially started his Palm Angels project in the form of a much buzzed-about coffee table book, featuring black-and-white photography of the LA skateboarding scene, shot by Ragazzi himself. The book published by Rizzoli in 2014 – which featured a foreword written by pharrell williams – resulted in a debut ready-to-wear collection for fall/winter 2015. His designs can best be described as assortment of upscale, skate-inspired apparel and accessories, the result of what Ragazzi says happens when he mixes his Italian sartorial background with the laid back vibes he admires so much in skaters around LA. Palm Angels, a favorite among hip-hop artists and NBA players, has developed a foothold in the industry, bridging the gap between luxury and streetwear. The Italian-tinged, sporty, super luxurious line consists of eclectic colors and prints on hoodies, slouchy trousers, T-shirts, accessories and much more.

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  1. Classic logo t-shirt Classic logo t-shirt
    Palm Angels Classic logo t-shirt
  2. Long sleeves Croco T-shirt Long sleeves Croco T-shirt
  3. Logo overshirt Logo overshirt
    Palm Angels Logo overshirt
  4. Logo oversized denim jacket Logo oversized denim jacket
  5. Glow in the Dark hoodie Glow in the Dark hoodie
    Palm Angels Glow in the Dark hoodie
  6. Tiger Flames T-shirt Tiger Flames T-shirt
    Palm Angels Tiger Flames T-shirt
  7. Blank Logo T-shirt Blank Logo T-shirt
    Palm Angels Blank Logo T-shirt
  8. Palms merino sweater Palms merino sweater
    Palm Angels Palms merino sweater
  9. Hooded track jacket Hooded track jacket
    Palm Angels Hooded track jacket
  10. Blooming track pants Blooming track pants
    Palm Angels Blooming track pants
  11. Blooming shirt Blooming shirt
    Palm Angels Blooming shirt
  12. Cargo trousers Cargo trousers
    Palm Angels Cargo trousers
  13. Side tape pants Side tape pants
    Palm Angels Side tape pants
  14. Checked shirt Checked shirt
    Palm Angels Checked shirt
  15. Animalier jacket Animalier jacket
    Palm Angels Animalier jacket
  16. Graphic print hoodie Graphic print hoodie
    Palm Angels Graphic print hoodie
  17. Zipped hoodie Zipped hoodie
    Palm Angels Zipped hoodie