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  1. White calfskin 3.5 clutch White calfskin 3.5 clutch
    New in
    Dolce & Gabbana White calfskin 3.5 clutch
  2. I Am a Plastic Bag verde Pochette I Am a Plastic Bag verde Pochette
    New in
  3. Black calfskin 3.5 clutch Black calfskin 3.5 clutch
    Dolce & Gabbana Black calfskin 3.5 clutch
  4. Black clutch Black clutch
    Alexander Mcqueen Black clutch
  5. Yellow clutch Yellow clutch
    Alexander Mcqueen Yellow clutch
  6. Pink Skull Pouch Pink Skull Pouch
    Alexander Mcqueen Pink Skull Pouch
  7. Brown Puffy clutch bag Brown Puffy clutch bag
    Avenue 67 Brown Puffy clutch bag
  8. Yellow Intrecciato Nappa pouch Yellow Intrecciato Nappa pouch
    Bottega Veneta Yellow Intrecciato Nappa pouch
  9. The Pouch purple clutch The Pouch purple clutch
    Bottega Veneta The Pouch purple clutch
  10. Falabella Pouch mini bag Falabella Pouch mini bag
    Stella Mccartney Falabella Pouch mini bag